Vision with Kangaroo and RoboRIO communication issues

I’m from team 3603 and this is our first year using vision control. We decided to have the actual processing done on the Kangaroo with GRIP, which then publishes our different values to NetworkTables, which has been successful. I have the Kangaroo running GRIP and the file when it first starts up, but there are communication issues somewhere.

Sometimes when I turn the robot and the Kangaroo on the roboRIO isn’t finding the Kangaroo. I have the programming set up to then create a new NetworkTable and publish a whole bunch of zeros in place of our values in order to avoid any errors if there is a random communication issue.

The Kangaroo is plugged directly into the radio in the correct spot, so there aren’t any issues there. The weird part is sometimes everything works, but usually it doesn’t. Could it be a bring up order we need to work out? Should I completely disable WiFi on the Kangaroo? Any help is greatly appreciated!