I found this picture earlier and was wondering how to the camera to see the target this way



Personally I would load it up in Vision Assistant, read the 2012 vision white paper and try out vision example code.

Specifically, if you launch the NI Vision Assistant, the first screen will have a button to Open images.

Once you have images loaded and they are shown in the big document area and you are Processing Images, click on the second button on the left center, the rainbow or color image processing button. Third on the list is a color threshold function. Choose it and adjust the sliders to mask (in red) the green parts of the image. You can do this in RGB, but it may be more precise to do it in HSL color space. If you are finding it difficult, draw a rectangle on the image that selects what the histograms display. This will give you a better idea what to set the sliders to. I attached a screenshot of this step to show the results you can achieve – though due to the distance or light brightness, your colors are a bit dim, but workable.

From there, you have an idea of the color of your reflected target and you can use the white paper or examples to get you started.

Greg McKaskle

I also found the Rectangular Target Process example project in Labview helpful beyond belief!

Especially when you figure out you can click the target with your mouse and the Hue, Saturation, and Luminous values are set to perfect levels.

Kudos to the Labview folks at NI :slight_smile: