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the team 691 website is finished and works great in all browsers except internet explorer. it works find for the most part in IE, but somethings come out weird. i have been trying my best to fix these problems, but so far no progress.
please visit the website
at :

and please if you can help me out with the IE problems. and please send me email about what you think.
i like honost criticism.
my email is :

thank you

given that probably 70+% of people use IE, you might wanter strongly consider fixing whatever is wrong.

Yea, that rotating picture thing being in the wrong place in IE will be a serious problem for the majority of your visitors.

Also, the FIRST logo is not in the correct aspect ratio or size in several places on your site (like the front page and the sidebar), which makes it look bad.

All of those glassy-style header images are pretty darn cool. What did you use to make them?

Considering changing the list of team members on “The Team” page to actually being a table. Tables were designed to hold data like this, and while they are frowned upon for layout, this is their chance to shine.

Your footer says "Home | Sponsors | ". I feel like something should be after the pipe, or you just forgot to delete the trailing pipe. It’s a bit asymmetrical the way it is now.

Overall, a very pretty and well organized site. Just work on making it IE compatible and you’ll be all set!

I concur. :slight_smile: It is the websites responsibilities to conform to users, not the users responsiblity to conform to each website. Everyone has a browser that they like to use - they will not switch for you. :slight_smile:

What is strange about viewing it in IE is that the errors are not consistent. First time I loaded the page - the navigation bar didn’t show up, but I refreshed and it was there. The scrolling image was in the wrong spot, but I clicked the “home” link and it worked. :confused: Also the nav bar jumps around in IE. I’m thinking you’re using percentages which are sometimes handled differently in IE and FF.