Visiting San Diego

Hi everybody,

First of all I guess I need to introduce myself. I am a first year mentor for team 3259. I graduated with my BSME from University of Kentucky in 2010. I came onboard just in time for this year’s build season, and I LOVE it!

Anyways, I will be traveling to sunny San Diego on business this Sunday and staying until Friday the 23rd, and I was wondering if anything FIRST related will be going on in the area during that time. Or, perhaps, if any teams would like to swap stories from across the field. I would love to see how things are done out on the west coast.


The San Diego regional is over, so I don’t think too many things are happening. There are some close by regionals, I think, though I can’t say for sure, since I’m in NorCal. Also, San Diego is in the west coast.

I hope you enjoy your visit! :smiley:

It’s usually ~2 hour drive to LA, but the LA regional is week 3. That means it starts this Thursday, ends Saturday.

Oops. Corrected. :wink:

It’s too bad you couldn’t have been scheduled to make it to 254 territory in San Jose; I know a guy who knows a guy. :wink:

Welcome to chiefdelphi, man.

@roger: Ha! I figured you would jump on this one pretty quick.:smiley:

@everybody else: Yeah, I knew about the regionals; I was just wondering if anything was happening on the smaller scale. Thanks guys.

Darn, the LA regional would be the weekend of the 15-17th, and the San Diego Science Festival, where FIRST will be exhibiting is the 24th.

If you could get Wednesday afternoon off from business, you could come up to Long Beach and help set up the field. The timing would help you avoid the nastiest rush hour traffic, and you would have a great experience. Too bad it’s a business trip. And too bad you couldn’t arrange for your business trip to last through Sunday–some FIRST junkies figure it’s worth an extra hotel night or two. I’m sure next time you’ll keep this in mind. :wink:

@karen: ill see what i can do but unfortunately i probably wouldnt be able to. I definitely appreciate the invitation though.

However, If I manage to get saturday off, I will head up to long beach and at least catch the elimination rounds.

Thanks for the info everyone.