Visor Prism for Sale

I got an offer to make. I’ve had a Visor Prism for a while. Bought it for like $450. No longer really like the design. Still in great condition. Little worn, used for FIRST robotics and such. I wanna give away everything with it. I have a RhinoSkin case and carrier, I believe I also have a nice leather case that it velcros into as well. I have the charger and the sync cord. I have some skins for the screen. Screen still in awesome condition compared to my last one. Anyone interested in it, I’m asking $250 for everything. Best offer wins I guess. I’ll throw in the shipping or I’ll just give it to you at which ever competition I’d meet you at. I’m gonna be in CT on Saturday and I’ll be at the Nationals. Email me at if you interested. Thanks all.