Visual Studio C# tutorial

im starting to use c# can anyone tell me if there’s a tutorial besides the ones on YouTube?

Microsoft has some generally effective tutorials:

Or you could go with some third party tutorial:
Google knows all…

Autocomplete (MS calls it IntelliSense) is very good. It comes up automatically at certain points. Ctrl+Space is the global trigger for it. The .Net framework is very complete and mostly organized well. I learned a lot from just using Autocomplete, and the tooltips it provides.
Also, if something is not in the current using scopes, and you type its name, a small red (or purple?) rectangle appears at the bottom left of the word. Hover over it for options (you almost always want the add using option)
If something does not exist, pretend it does, and click the name, and find the purple (or red?) rectangle, and it gives options for creating it. Very nice way to stub stuff out.
Also, tab-tab completions are nice. For example, type for<tab><tab> and see what happens (you can use tab to navigate)
properties are also easy: prop<tab><tab>