Visual Studio Code error regarding Gradle

So I’m trying to deploy the robot code and I’m getting an error that basically says gradlew is not recognized as an internal or external command. I installed it under C:/Gradle and it doesn’t seem to be fixing the error. Can someone just redirect me and tell me how to properly install this or maybe what folder to put gradle under? Thanks

Have you installed the vscode extension and created a project? If so, the project will have a local binary (not as a global command) that can be run through ./gradlew if you are in the project directory.

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Ok so I installed the extension and it still can’t recognize any of the gradle commands. Any ideas?

create a new project and an unix executable (an .bat I believe) file will be generated

I see the batch file, yet it’s still not recognizing gradlew as a command. Gradlew.bat right?

You need to make sure that directory you open in vscode has the gradlew.bat in the root. You can’t open the source directory or a higher level directory.

Looks like it’s in the root directory to me, this hierarchy looks right no?

Yes this is the right directory. In the terminal (drag up from bottom of window in vscode), type ./gradlew. It isn’t strictly a command, more a script that runs in the directory, not as a globally accessible keyword.

No, that is not the right directory. You need to open the inner folder that build.gradle file is in. Currently, that folder that has is the root, and that is not correct. You need to have that inner folder open.

By the looks of the other files, you need the Gyroscope test folder open.