Visual Studio - create a new class

I am playing around with Visual Studio to try and get ahead of the learning curve, and have been able to create a robot project and even import our code from last year. However, when working with a new robot project I cannot figure out how to add a new class.

The “WPILib: Create a new class/command” function gives me the message “Must select a folder to create a command”. I have been unable to figure out how to specify the folder. If I just create a new file and put in some code to define the class , the class is not recognized. I also tried creating an empty folder with the name of the class I want.

Is this something that is not enabled in the alpha version, am I missing something obvious, or is my problem the fact that I don’t know anything about gradle?

If you right click on the folder you want to add a class to in the Explorer on the left of Visual Studio Code, you should see an option to “Create new class/command”.

Thank you !