Visual Studio error Adding Remote repository "not valid remote name"


I have created an empty git repository: “FRC2022-1322” for our 2022 team program which is configured to public.

The url is: GitHub - RobotSpit/FRC2022-1322: FRC Team 1322's 2022 Rapid React Competition Code

I am able to “clone” the repository using the url above.

But, when I try to “add a remote” using the URL via VS Code to associate a git repository to the VS Code project so I can push my VS Code project up to the git repository I get the below error.

I am able to “clone” the repository to my computer using the url, proving it is a valid repository, and url, and I am able to communicate with git via GitHub Desktop.

Additionally, if I try to Create a new remote from VS Studio), VS Studio throws an error indicating that GitHub already has a repo with the same name out there (i.e. the one I create on GitHub. And I can see the GitHub repo name in some pick lists VS Code randomly pops up.

Previously, I had tried to do the “Create a Repo” from VS Code (prior to creating the repo in GitHub), and the Create a Repo action failed (which is what lead me to create a new repo via GitHub and attempt to add remote, which is what was suggest online).

What could be the issue here? Some configuration setting in VS Code, some configuration setting in the repo? A control character that Windows11 is capturing when I cut the URL from GitHub that VS Code can’t handle but GitHub Desktop is fine with? I notice the error message replaced the “:” with a “-“, but the URL I pasted definitely has a “https://”

Thanks for your help.

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