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We are looking for a visual web page designer software. If you have recommendations and are willing to share, please let me know. Thank you!

We did a bunch of research recently to decide on a platform to update our website. We are still in the process of the update but we settled on

Wordpress + OceanWP + Elementor as the main elements that let us update the website.

Our current website is using WordPress and the OceanWP theme but none of our new Elementor built pages are public yet.

Elementor lets us easily layout our webpages.

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Thank you! We are already using WordPress for our MOENow bulletins so I’ll look into incorporating it with these other suggestions.

Are you looking for a visual designer to manage your content, or the design of the website itself?

For my team, WordPress combined with a basic Bootstrap theme that we made some tweaks to works well for us. Non programmers can easily maintain the content of the site without knowing any HTML code, and it still allows us the flexibility of having a custom look and feel. I think there are also a few visual layout tools for Bootstrap out there, however I have never used them personally so I don’t have a specific recommendation.

Once you get a template squared away, it’s not too difficult to convert it into a WordPress template. If you want to take a look at ours, here’s a link to the template on our team’s GitHub:

Feel free to check this article for an alternative to WP. All three websites that I am working with only uses Wordpress.

I would strongly advise against using WordPress. In our experience, even with a nice premium theme and content builder it often becomes a pain to achieve the aesthetics your looking for without writing code.

As soon as it becomes frustrating to add new, good looking content, it’ll stop happening. Our team is in the processing of moving away from WordPress to Wix so that we can more easily maintain our site. I would highly recommend that you check out something like Wix, Squarespace or Weebly.

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Just recently learned about Squarespace and plan to check it out. Our current website was a winning one at one time and over the years has evolved to more of an archive. Trying to see how to consistently let students maintain and add content even if we don’t have students who can code.

for our 2019 brand refresh, we revamped our website, as it was dated and handoff to another webmaster was basically impossible, and we chose the CMS that had the least cost for us in the long term, and it was wordpress as it had no costs in setting up, is accessible from the cloud, can be accessed and controlled by multiple people (eliminating the need of making content addition requests for a mentor to add) and is easily backed up.

Now i agree that wordpress themes in itself is pretty shotty, that’s why we invested in a visual editor plugin called Elementor Pro for one year, which allowed us to create our own headers, footers and freely design our content to suit our visual identity standards

here’s our site if you want to take a look:

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If you are looking to make a beautiful and not very complicated website I would definitely suggest Mobirise. I have searched and tried all other free software and didn’t have any luck, but once I found Mobirise I just stuck with it, because it is so good. It has many themes to choose from and you can make a whole website without any code, and then just simply upload it using FTP. The software works offline too, so you don’t have to worry about being connected to the internet to make changes. You can check out my team’s website here if you want:
It was made all in Mobirise. Also, if you want to learn how to download and use Mobirise, and even get free hosting for your team check out one of our tutorials here.

This open source web builder also looks very promising, but I’ve never personally tried it since you have to build the code yourself:

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