Visualization scholarships

Greetings fellow animators,

Last week I met with Ted Boardman for lunch and we got into talking about scholarships for visualization (can’t just say animators, that is taboo). We have generated a list of possible colleges that we are looking at for potential scholarship contributors. So here is my question, Since me and Ted don’t exist in all the cities of North America, we need you! Yes you! To potentially go to these colleges and talk to the deans and reps (this is not set in stone yet). So would you be willing to do this??? As of now we don’t need anybody, however if things go right, we will need people in the future to do so.

Let me know on your thoughts.

as of right now, the college that I will be attending is the College for Creative Studies in Detroit. They were the only college to offer an animating scholarship this year, woo-hoo go CCS!! They offer 5 scholarships with a value of 5,000 - 3,000 dollars. Me gots a 5000 one :smiley: . There were only 2 people that applied for the scholarship though. I would recomend that college for anyone intersted in film, visual effects, computer animation, or art.

Other colleges that I checked out were:

Art Institute of Chicago
New York School of Film
savanna college of Art and Design (in savanna georgia, and I know I spelled it wrong)

I know there are others but that’s all that I visited.

I have a list of colleges that disney and pixar recommends, I showed it to Ted and he agreed that a lot of the colleges recommended are really good, I’ll post it on here shortly.

I work in Schaumburg, IL about a mile from the Illinois Institute of Art which uses 3ds Max in their animation curriculum. (Maybe they’re going to Maya now, I’m not sure.)

I will be happy to put on my WildStang tie-dye shirt and a tie (to be formal of course) and meet with someone there.

(Maybe I could just wear my “Phil and Ted Show” t-shirt instead, so when they see Ted’s outline on the shirt, they’ll instantly sign up to offer a scholarship!)

If you need me to preach… er… plug FIRST to them, let me know.

-Bruce Johnson
Animation mentor, Team 111 WildStang

Living in Indianapolis, I really don’t know of any animation/graphic arts schools that are near… but I’ll help ya out any way I can.

*Originally posted by Ryan Dognaux *
**Living in Indianapolis, I really don’t know of any animation/graphic arts schools that are near… but I’ll help ya out any way I can. **

Actually Ryan,
Purdue offers majors in different types of graphic arts and visualization.

Also thank you Bruce, I will keep that in mind, actually if nobody had offered I was goign to truck down there, (I might anyways) to chekc out the college.