Visually viewing Caleb Sykes' Scouting Database: Data is Beautiful

People are free to use whichever metric they choose from my scouting database. For whatever it’s worth though, I use a team’s max calculated contribution at their events for all of my seeding, and I would recommend others do the same. I found that this correlated slightly better with future performance than “most recent” calculated contribution. They are pretty similar, so either (or world OPR) are acceptable and definitively better choices than min or first event contributions. Relatedly, Elo seeds for upcoming years provide stronger predictive power when using each team’s season max Elo instead of their end of season Elo.

So for whatever reason, I would say best event performances are better indicators of what to expect from teams in the future than most recent performances. :woman_shrugging: idk why and it’s not intuitive to me, I just follow the predictive power on whatever crazy journey it takes me.