Viva the Revolution!

Our animation is done!

Pretty cool just wondering mabye I missed something but that realates to teh theme how? Not trying to be a jerk just wondering. Otherwise looks really cool.

The the scenery an movements look rather convincing, but I think it needs more show and less tell to get the point across.

credits are longer than acutal entry. Might want to fix that. good though i like the kittys :smiley: here is mine!

Autodesk doesn’t pay attention to the credits. This is the unnofiical entry. It’s an Mpeg (has to be a MOV file) and it’s at 320 x 240 (720 x 480 is required). Credits are strictly vanity project playtime. Almost anythuing goes (copyrighted music. As long as you like. You can use video,animation, slideshow pictures whatever. So long as it’s nothing offensive I suppose).
In fact for the officail entry I would reccomend not doing any credits because they are very strict about file size and you want to keep it as small as possible.

It’s conceptual.
It’s all in how you interpret it.

You’d be amazed on how hard it is to get the show across in 30 seconds. It tends to look quite frantic. Best to go with a single simple idea with tell instead of trying to cram multiple images that will only confuse the viewer.

wow, triple post. edit, yo.

but i like it. I too don’t really get how it ties to the theme, and am not personally a fan of cel shading, but what ever works for you. nice job.

the website is block. is there another possible way i can watch the clip?

Love it. Really cool!

I never did the whole animation thing so I’m not going to judge it either way, but I really like the idea of uploading everyones finished animations to Google Videos. I always enjoy watching the animations year to year and I think this would be a good way to collect them. If something like this already exists then just ignore me.

I love it!, especially I think I liked how your credits like sprinkle away and come together

the only thing I didn’t like was that game (I hate that dancing game) and cats, cats are snobby

Ooooo! Ngoc is gonna hate yooooou! :stuck_out_tongue: