Vlogging your FIRST experance

I think I have come up with a really good idea here.

First, I’d like to thank JVN for inspiring me with his build journal from this past season. I’d also like to thank the many vloggers on youtube to whom I am subscribed.

The idea is pretty straightforward, create a individual vlog during the 2011 FRC Season.

There are a lot of benefits to doing this. For example, doing this daily would give people outside FIRST, or people interested in doing FIRST, an idea of what it’s like on a day-to-day basis during an FRC Season. It would give teams an idea of how other FRC Teams come up with their robots/designs/strategies*, along with how various other teams operate on a daily basis during the season. it would give your team an idea of what exactly you’re thinking (this might be a good thing or bad thing). It would also give you a chance to reflect on your FIRST experiences.

I think this project would also show FIRST’s raw emotional moments, high and low. It would also be a excellent recruiting tool to get kids in your local school involved, or as an introductory video for newbies to acclimate themselves to the build season environment, before kickoff.

I think the coolest thing would be to have multiple people from the same team vlog so that there are multiple viewpoints to a season on a given team.

So what does the ChiefDelphi community think about this idea, and is anyone else up to the challenge?

I know I’ll be doing this next season. Hopefully I’ll have a few people doing this as well so we can all share the experience.

*= I understand this may compromise some of your team secrets, but posting your vlog entries even after build season would work; the same experience in most situations would still exist.

I have a little small teeny tiny FIRST vlog I dont’ get a lot of chance to update, so I have a small amount of FIRST vlog experience. Plus I just love doing it.

I love it, count me in for sure :smiley:

I don’t think a video format is the best way for my team to do it, but I am looking into a daily, fully detailed blog of “What Shaker Robotics is doing”. We don’t have any secrets so we’re more than willing to try cool stuff like this if we’re not too busy!

Well, the idea was more of an individual thing. Personal strategy and design thoughts, sharing of personal experiences. Team vlogging obviously isn’t discouraged, but it’s less of what this was about.

Nawaid had the idea, but I inputted a bit before it was posted…

I think this is a pretty neat idea, personally, and I’ll at least consider doing one myself. I was already considering running a team one this year, so it probably wouldn’t be too hard to do my own as an extension of that. I’ll probably talk to some other people on my team and see if they’d be interested as well.

my only concern as far as this goes though, is that I don’t even really blog, so I’m not entirely sure how to go about doing this beyond the basic “talk to a webcam and upload it” part

Nawaid, you know I am in, just depends on what team I am on (1519, 1058, rookie :P)…

The only thing I could see with this project is not letting out secrets like you said, but I get the idea of what you are talking about and really like it!

Now would this be one channel with one person doing a certain day, or several channels with one person doing each day?

Great idea! :slight_smile:

I think everyone will be interested in how each other person first saw the game, and for that reason it’s great to still make those vlogs, then release post-ship or even post-season.

If this works out, we’re hoping for each person to be making a vlog every day (skipping weekends not spent on robotics [haha, as if]), then releasing them however they want (daily, weekly compilations, full log, etc.).

I don’t really see one channel working out, I think if each individual had a different channel, then that person would have a username attached to their videos. for example; I will be doing this on my personal channel, but this is not the only thing I’ll be doing. I work for AT&T and sometimes I come across new products that I think deserve to be showcased, maybe some FIRST people will find that they have common interests with other FIRST people besides robotics, this would allow friendships and learning experiences to be created outside of robotics as well.

I really do think if enough people sign on, we don’t know what great things this could lead to in the FIRST community.

EDIT: if i do go to Tempfest N Tampa this year, I will most likely vlog the experience and post a link to it here.

Okay based on our first conversation I thought you meant one channel. I like one channel per person!

Makes things easy for me. I already have a FIRST channel :smiley:

I love the idea.

However, I actually like the idea of a collab channel. If 2 or 3 people (or teams) posted a once weekly update this idea could be really cool. For example, 3 teams would update every monday, 3 different teams every tuesday, etc. A daily vlog for 6 weeks with the same person each day could be a little overload and I know that I wouldn’t have a vlog-worthy video every day.

Though another neat implementation would be to have a team doing daily update, but with a different subteam or different team member doing each video.