VOD for NE District Championship

Hey everyone. I was wondering if anybody knew what happened to the video of the final day of the NE DCMP, including the awards ceremony. I’ve checked Twitch and don’t see it there. Thanks all in advance!


Been looking for this as well. In the NE Mentors slack it looks like they are working on it, but the last update was yesterday saying they were looking into the Twitch VOD.

It is kind of crazy that NE pays a company to run our A/V yet the vods take days to go up when every regional has their vods up minutes after the match happens…

told you so agree GIF by Bounce


It’s kind of crazy that NE pays a company to run our a/v, and yet they don’t know that it’s frowned upon to play rick astley on repeat over the presentation of the gracious professionalism award…


This year NE didn’t pay a company to run AV, not entirely at least. All district event AV was set up and run by volunteers, and as I understand it, the majority of DCMP was also run by volunteers (minus the audio and rigging of the video walls, which were paid production staff).

That said, regional events have a production company that handles the match splitting/uploads to YouTube, but even they also had to disable VODs on Twitch thanks to more strict enforcement of DMCA takedowns (several firstinspires Twitch channels were “shut down for violating community standards” at some point this season, primarily due to DMCA strikes). I watched the NE DCMP stream for most of Saturday, and unlike the previous days, it did NOT have music muted. That likely means the VODs are being held by Twitch for DMCA violations, and I suspect they wouldn’t pass YouTube’s copyright violation checks upon upload, not without jumping through several hoops to get the audio cleared.


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