VODs for Regionals this Week

Anyone else notice that FirstInspires Twitch VODs from regionals this week have been automatically deleted. The only Vods from this weekend that I can find are from practice days when in past weeks I have been able to find the Twitch Vods uploaded in real time for every day of the weekend. The match videos are uploaded to Youtube. But there is some footage not included in match videos that I was really wanting to look back at. I’m hoping that this isn’t an intentional move by FIRST.

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They aren’t deleted. Twitch put out a new DMCA warning system that false-positived most channels (and definitely true-positived FIRST’s channels). Any VODs with detected copyrighted music were automatically not published and streamers got warning emails explainign what was infringing. FIRST will have to publish VODs themselves on each channel. I am not sure if this is a VOD-by-VOD process for each VOD with detected copyrighted music or just a switch to flip.

Source: streamers I follow / things I have read / screenshots I have seen on social media. I am not an actual Twitch streamer with first-hand experience.


Texas’s DCMP VODs other than Thursday don’t exist either

It sucked when they took down the espn broadcast of FiM championship

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Yeah that was a great broadcast. Is that video available anywhere?

I haven’t been able to find it

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