Voltage Boost

I see many rules requiring specific circuit breakers and relays, wiring sizes, connector types, etc… when driving motors. I don’t see any restrictions that would indicate a voltage Boost/Regulator circuit to maintain no load battery terminal voltage (or higher) couldn’t be used to supply a motor withinin it’s maximum operating range.

Are you asking if you can hook a circuit into a motor to boost voltage or lower the voltage? This is strictly forbidden by the rules <R63>. You are only allowed to make custom circuits that hook to the I/O ports on the RC.


Sorry, not legal.

<R63> Custom Circuits can not: …Directly alter the power pathways between the battery, fuse blocks, speed controllers, relays, or motors…

Not legal and not efficient enough at this current.

it can be done in code… just convert a PWM signal to volts and determine the maximum.

Can you explain?