Voltage not outputting to the Drivers Station

We can get the robot to communicate, the USB hub is connected and detected and We get the connection down, but the voltage will not output to the Driver Station, even though we have the jumper in the correct place.


Can you confirm you have both reimaged your Crio - AND updated, then uninstalled that update, then reinstalled that update on your classmate? Lack of a proper dashboard update will result in messed up connectivity.

Do you get the Analog Bumper power LED lit?
Is it in cRIO Module slot 1?

You need to put some basic code on before the voltage will show.

Reimaged the cRIO to v19. The imaging tool shows it as v19

What update are you speaking of? There were many we did.

Yes, it’s wired correctly.
Yes it’s in slot 1

I’ve never worked with LabVIEW before. Do we run the LabVIEW code from the Devloper or the Driver account?

When you reimaged the cRIO that leaves no user code on it.
The Robot Code and Communications status lights on the Driver Station must be green for voltage readout to work.

There are a couple of ways to run LabVIEW code.
[li]You can download it permanently (what you want to do in competition) by:[/li][li][ol][/li][li]Create a new Robot project, or use one you’ve already created.[/li][li]In the Project Explorer window that comes up under “RT CompactRIO Target (” you’ll see “Build Specifications” (not the one under “My Computer”).[/li][li]Under Build Specifications right click on “FRC Robot Boot-up Deployment”[/li][li]Click “Build”[/li][li]When that’s done in the same place click on “Run as startup”[/ul][/li]
[li]You can do a temporary download by:[LIST=1][/li][li]In the Developer account running LabVIEW[/li][li]Using the “Run” button on the Robot Main.vi[/li][*]Starting the Driver Station under Windows Start -> All Programs -> FRC Driver Station[/ol][/LIST]

Okay so we ran code, and now the voltage is not outputting correctly. The battery is connected and all, but it still output’s 0.00 volts.

What is the NI number on the Module you have in slot 1?
From your photo it looks like you have the Analog Breakout board mounted on the Solenoid Module (NI 9472) (it has 8 little green LEDs on it), instead of the Analog Module (NI 9201) (no LEDs).

P.S. I can’t see your photo at work or school the way you attached it. I only happened to see it while browsing from home. Otherwise, I would have mentioned it sooner.

Wow. What an amazingly simple solution to a problem that has plagued us for a while. It is the NI 9472 module we attached it to, but I can’t find the Analog Module NI 9201. Uggh. Thanks Mark.

Now I turn to my team to find the correct module.