Voltage readout wiring

I was looking on amazon last night and I found a voltage readout display for 4.5v to 30v. My question is, where would be the best spot to plug it into on the PDP?

This is the display.

I would like to inform every one that my team does have a “battery beak” for checking battery voltage and that this is more or less a just for fun thing for our robot.

We used one last year and they are very useful. You can either plug one into a breaker spot (20amp breaker would be fine or smaller) or if you already have a custom circuit being powered you can use a terminal block and plug into that. We plugged ours into the same circuit that powered our LED lights.

Thank you. In I was hoping some one from your team would respond. You guys are the insperation to use it.

Allen was pointing out that you must wire through a breaker to provide protection should the device or the wiring short. You can use a smaller breaker, i.e. 5 amps, if this is the only load.

Please note that “Battery Beak” is a trade name that refers to an instrument with a particular set of functions; measuring battery voltage AND internal impedance under load. The voltmeter you are intending to install only measures the battery voltage so calling it a “battery beak” will cause confusion.

Ok, so lets read his post again:

Bolding is mine. I’m reading that Munchskull has a Battery Beak ™ and is looking to add a small display on the robot. So they are good to go.

Thanks, Foster. It’s nice to know you are fully awake.