Voltage vs time


Im trying to measure a voltage and plot it on chart versus relative time, but instead time to start from 0 seconds, its starts from random number { or not random} like 32256. Can someone help me please?

More detail would be nice, but assuming you’re doing this programatically, make sure you’re initializing your variable (in C/C++), or if you’re using LabVIEW and a shift register, make sure you initialize that too the first time your VI runs (wire in from the outside of the loop).

If I’ve misinterpreted, feel free to clarify, and I’ll try to help.


I’m a C++ person, but the reason you have the “random” numbers is because this is what happens:
Power->crio->boot sequence->start system clock->other stuff that takes time and increments the system clock-> you download code after you wait a while for it to boot up, and compile->eventualy, it runs, and returns the current (mili?)second count?->you look at the data and wonder what is going on???->you post this thread