Volume Accumulators


Can we use a comperable volume accumulator to the ones provided or are we required to purchase extra ones from Clippard?


You must use ones identical to the ones in the kit and are limited to 4 of them. Identical means same manufacturer and part number.

No. That would be a violation of Rule <R01> and Rule <R86>.

The answer is from the GDC Q & A

The applicable rule in part from Section 08, REV D is…
<R87> Additional pneumatic system items specifically permitted on 2008 FRC ROBOTS include:
 One or two additional Clippard air storage tanks (Clippard Part Number AVT-32-16),
equivalent to those provided in the kit. This means that up to four, and no more, Clippard air
storage tanks can be used on the ROBOT.

Use the order form that came in your KOP for additional Clippard parts.

Thanks for the clarification. Between R89 and R90 I wasn’t sure and just wanted to get it straight before we orderd the wrong thing.