Volunteer Shout-out

A million thanks to all the thousands of volunteers who made the championships and every other competition possible.

I have a special shout-out to two random volunteers. On Friday night, I and one other student on my team were going to meet with the team who had decided to pick us. As we went to the Detroit People Mover, we realized that neither of us had any money. Two volunteers came down the stairs at the moment and paid for us to go, saving us a lot of stress.

If anyone else has any cools stories of volunteers helping out feel free to post below.


I invite you to this thread

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Not volunteers, but a team. I had a group of seniors go volunteer at champs, but they decided they wanted to attend roboprom. Since we arrived later, we went straight to the event after they changed into prom dresses at our hotel, but found they had sold out. We called our ride and went outside to wait, but on the sidewalk a another team was headed in for roboprom and asked about which door to get in. Then our student asked if they had any spare tickets. They asked back in their group and then asked how many? We needed four, and they happened to have four extra tickets, which they gave to us. So we chat while walking in together, and the team was 1902 Exploding Bacon (at Houston). They had a few students back out, and said they were real happy someone would be able to use the tickets. I tell them honestly that they were my favorite for HoF this year after watching their chairman’s video during Palmetto regional online. So I was pretty thrilled when they did make it.


The FTAs on Darwin were excellent. They spent a lot of time making sure every team connected to the field so they were ready to play.


I want to give a shout out to the head referee on Archimedes. We received a red card for throwing a hatch and he listened to our argument against in the question box. He later came to our pit to talk to our driver so he could fully understand our argument. During lunch he reviewed the call with the Chief Referee and ultimately reversed the call. It was honestly a breath of fresh air. I really respect his determination to get the call right. His willingness to go the extra mile was amazing.


Seconded! I didn’t catch his name, but he personally came over to us during one of our qualification matches when our hatch panel mechanism fell down outside our frame perimeter while playing defense. We couldn’t see it because it’s tiny & we were behind the cargo ship and were very confused about what we thought were pin counts. I’ve never had a head referee come over during the match to explain what was happening, but it was great of him to do that.


In Houston, I showed up at the pits on Wednesday without any safety glasses. I was watching a practice match at a field and a volunteer came over and asked me to put on my glasses. I told him i didn’t have any, but that I’d go to the Safety Glasses Table to get some. He told me not to worry, and had a pair brought to me. I was incredibly impressed by this kind and thoughtful action!


Message passed on to him.