Volunteer training / certification release timing

I’m getting back into volunteering for events after the hiatus that began for me in 2020. This year I’ve ended up as a referee which requires certification, but when I go to the certification course button in VIMS the course list is empty. Am I missing something? Are the certification courses just not available yet, and if so when should I expect that to happen?
Thanks for your help.

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If you want a more specific timeline I suggest asking your VC.

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Many roles still have TBD dates. Ref training should go live tomorrow-ish last I remember.

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Okay, thank you.
Was just making sure I wasn’t missing anything lol

I literally JUST RIGHT NOW got an email about scheduling Scorekeeper training from HQ. So I imagine training for all the roles will be rolling out shortly if it hasn’t yet.

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Well, I’m set to be a scorekeeper at worlds and haven’t gotten anything yet, but it’s possible that the stuff for worlds volunteers isn’t rolling out yet.

I just got email about scorekeeper training an hour or so ago. The first webinar will be Wednesday Feb 15 (and available for watching later for those who don’t make it to the live one). I haven’t gotten anything for referee yet, but an earlier announcement said that referee training/certification would be available “in February”.

I logged into VIMS this morning and found that the button for the training had spontaneously had a baby in the form of a “roles missing certification” section from which I was able to access the training. Still no email, but I can log in and access it just fine. shrug

Is this ref training? Ref training went live today. It’s usually standard practice with these sorts of things to make things available and then tell people they’re available. I’m sure you’ll get an email eventually, but please be patient. It would be much more annoying to get an email saying it’s coming and then for it not to come.

With the trainings available via the Dashboard, your VC is the primary person who will communicate with you. Communication from HQ is for roles who have live trainings or materials in Box. As a VC myself, I tend to give the go getters a few days to do their training once it comes out before I blast an email out so that I’m not nagging people who are already super on top of it.

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