Volunteer transportation from the airport

I just had a bit of a monkey wrench thrown into my transportation from the airport for CMP. I’m originally from STL (live in NYC now) and was talking to my Dad who still lives in STL.

My original plan was to just take the MetroLink downtown (I’m staying at the Hilton at the Ballpark). However, my Dad seems to think that might not be the safest option as of late. With all of the stuff going on in Ferguson, which is pretty much right along the route, “there are too many people trying to prove things to too many other people”. He said he didn’t feel comfortable with my Mom or little sister (23) taking it either. I’m 36 FWIW, and yes, I still listen to my Dad :smiley:

So I was looking on the GET Sports website, and there’s an option for a shared ride van that’s $15 or so for the first 3 passengers and $10 after that. I’m wondering if anyone else is getting in on Saturday (4/18) around 4:30PM that would be willing to share and maybe save some cash?

I live extremely close to Ferguson and at this point in time things have died down quite a bit and it really isn’t that bad (I would know)

Yeah… Gonna second this. Anyone traveling into St. Louis should not fear taking the metrolink anywhere from the airport. You’ll be fine.

Yeah, I might just still take it - I’m not sure. Living in NYC I see some pretty bad stuff and know how to take care of myself :smiley:

There’s also the convenience factor as well - door to door service FTW! My Dad lives out in St. Charles…

I lived in NYC most my life and I have seen enough to not make me scared going anywhere. The only 2 places that I’ve been fearful were Detroit and downtown Phillly (by temple University)