Volunteering Advice - Ambassador

Hey guys! Because my team is done competing at district events, I decided to get my robot fix by volunteering for a week 6 event. I’ve volunteered multiple times before, as field reset, field setup/breakdown and concessions. To my surprise, I was put in the position of ambassador and I’m very excited. Does anyone with experience in this position have advice for what to expect? I’ve read about my responsibilities, I just would appreciate a first-hand account. I’m very excited to have a chance to move around the pits as an observer (as one of my team’s scout leads not in charge of pit scouting, I haven’t had any free time in the pits).

I’m also just excited to go to Hartford! Lots of familiar teams there, so I have a lot of expectations.

Hi Alex,

Thanks for volunteering! We are very glad to have you in Hartford with us.

I’ve volunteered as an ambassador myself at the Connecticut Regional my senior year. It was actually the first role I ever volunteered in at an FRC event.

As you’ve read in the description, you’ll be responsible for working with VIPs and Invited Guests at the event. You’ll be touring them around the event, showing them the field, pits, and any teams of interest for them. You’ll also be there as a person to answer questions. When I was an, ambassador I always made sure to share my experiences as a student, and talk about why the program meant so much to me.

Ambassadors are always the first people to greet VIPS when they come to the venue, so you’ll want to make a great first impression. You’ll also be working with multiple members of the District Planning Committee, as we often assist ambassadors in talking to VIPS and getting their questions answered.

It’s a lot of fun. You’ll get to meet some execs from some of FIRST’s major sponsors and do some great networking while your at it, tour the pits, and watch matches up close right next to the field. I hope you enjoy it and have a lot of fun. If you have any further questions, PM me and let me know.