Volunteering for worlds.

I was woundering a couple things about the exprince of volunteering at worlds as a student. Having already bought my ticket and a arranged travel regardless of my team going or not, I have the plan to register as a volunteer. Having gone once with my team I am looking forward to a little more freedom.

The two positions that I am interested in are ambassador and feild reset. Do they let student perform the role of feild reset at worlds or do they limit it to adults?

Also any tips for make the most out of my trip would be great.

Field reset is absolutely open to students. Ambassador is a different experience, basically helping to guide around guests and VIPs, though I have not seen how champs chooses to arrange things.

From my experience, ambassadors are usually deans list nominees couldn’t bring their team. Usually. FIRST wants students that can make a positive impact on sponsors and generally deans list kids fit that bill perfectly.

If you’ve never volunteered before than I’d just recommend being field reset if your team goes so you can get a feel for how everything’s laid out.

I would also recommend Field Reset. Champs is a unique spectacle and getting to see it all from the dome floor is really cool.

Agreed, I was a scorer last year and seeing everything from the Dome floor was just awesome. I went to the pits at one point on a break to compliment a team on a very unique design (had time to do this, barely!) and they mentioned “you get a better view than we do from the driver’s station!” (which is true, since I don’t have Lexan in front of me :D)

I just got my CMP assignment for this year and got a promotion! I’m a ref now :). Looking forward to it! (I’m also doing MAR Mt. Olive and NYC at least).

But yeah, field reset is something a student could easily do, and it seems this year it may take slave labor^W^Wenergetic students to do effectively :smiley:

The students on my team LOVED the City Museum in St. Louis the last few visits we’ve made to CMP.

We’ve also had a the connections and opportunity to see the engineering and mechanisms of the tram to the top of the Gateway Arch. This is a must ride trip to the top of this structure if you’ve not had the experience yet.

We have a general rule on our team that if we don’t go to World Champs to play we try to show up every other year with our juniors and seniors to volunteer.

First - its a lot of work. We worked field reset for Aerial Assist and let me tell you I came back to the hotel ready to go to bed every night.

Second - its amazing fun. I got to see a lot of great teams play up close. Better - I got to meet a lot of amazing people who think FIRST is as great as I do.

Third - the food is great. You get free breakfast, lunch, and dinner and the food is pretty top notch for volunteer food… and the free massages are good too.

Fourth - if you work on field reset and you do well there is a chance that you will get to reset on Einstein. Four of my students had that opportunity and I think it changed their lives.

I could go on but needless to say - I think that every single FIRST participant should try.

Do it! Championships is a fantastic experience whether you’re competing or a volunteer.

Field reset is a blast. I would highly recommend it. Also Hopper is the best field :stuck_out_tongue:

You should definitely do it. I’ve always wanted to go to Worlds and volunteer if my team didn’t go. (But then again I’ve always had this weird dream of wanting to actually reset the field and touch the pieces and all that… I love interacting with FIRST!)

Have fun, and I do hope your team goes to Worlds!

Volunteer! Do it!

Having been an Ambassador at CMP back when it was at the ATL dome, I can say that it was an incredible experience. I got to meet a lot of really cool people and talk to people that wanted to get involved, but maybe didn’t know how. At the time, I believe I got to show the Governor of Hawaii around, so that was neat. I also had the opportunity to meet and talk with Woodie about what I was going to study in college. Talk about unbelievable advice and wisdom :slight_smile:

Field Reset is also great. It’s fun, exciting, you get to see all the matches, you get to make friends with the other volunteers, etc etc.