I will be volunteering at the MAR Region Championship this April working field reset. I have 2 questions:

  1. I know I will be required to wear safety glasses, but am I required to bring my own, or do they provide some? Either way isn’t a problem. (EDIT: This is my first time volunteering with FIRST.)

  2. Who else will be volunteering at this event? It would be really cool to meet some of the members of the CD community!

The regional should provide safety glasses for you if you need them, otherwise the public wouldn’t be able to get in!! Unfortunately I am not volunteering at MAR though, I wish you luck!

It may depend on your role. When I attended my first event as a volunteer, I was involved in field assembly and field reset/ asst. to the field supervisor. As a result I was lucky to get a nice pair of the loaner glasses before others. However, they were still marked with a sharpie and not the most comfortable.

Not all jobs require safety glasses. If you do need glasses, I’d recommend that you bring your own. They’re inexpensive. It’s best to know that you’ll be comfortable in whatever you’re wearing for those three days and that you won’t be responsible for returning your glasses to the pit admin or from whoever you’ve borrowed them at the end of the day.

I can’t find where I read this, but all FIRST volunteers are supposed to bring their own safety glasses. That said, when I was being the safety glasses attendant, many volunteers needed to get safety glasses from me, these are normally for parents / sponsors / other team / FIRST guests that wouldn’t normally have safety glasses, and will return them before the end of the day, whereas volunteers are at the event the entire day.

tl;dr Bring safety glasses

Enjoy volunteering!!

Bring your own pair. You don’t have to, but you can pick up a nice pair for relatively cheap, you leave an event’s loaner pair for a member of the general public heading into the pit.

I’d suggest talking to your volunteer coordinator(s) to get specific instructions for your event. In the case of the MAR Championship, that’s Anne Larkin and Maurine Weiss. Their contact info can be found on the MAR webpage.