This if for all the volunteers…whos volunteering where and whos doing what?

I’m volunteering at the NJ regional…they say that I’m the pit announcer but when I inquired as to what my duties were they said this: “You work as of part of a team with the MC to energize the teams and spectators, generate and maintain interest, enth., and excitement throughout the matches. Announce play-by-play commentary for each match. Manage flow of match play and maintaining the pace of the event.”

So I assume that this means that I’m the announcer for the event…if this is the case…WOOHOO if not could someone please tell me what the real deal is? I’d appreciate it.

I’ll be volunteering at Sacramento, UTC, and Nationals.

So far I’m reffing at Sac. and doing field setup/teardown, and field reset at UTC.

You should* be able to find me at the following events

Week 1 - Finger lakes Regional
Week 2 - UTC New England Regional
Week 3 - Chesapeake Regional
Week 4 - NYC Regional
Week 5 - Greater Toronto Regional

Week “6” - Championship Event [in Atlanta, Ga.]

I will be working in a variety of roles this year. Mainly though if you would like to find me, look near the Scorekeepers table.

*Just because i will be there doesn’t mean you will be able to find me.

I was signed up for Palmetto and the Championship, but I scratched Palmetto in order to help 1293. If 1293, by some random miracle, goes to Atlanta, I’ll probably hunt for a replacement there, too.

I’ll be volunteering at NJ this year even though i am attending NJ, Palmetto and Nats :slight_smile:

Sounds like you are the GAME/EVENT ANNOUNCER! (you’re special!) :smiley:
That is a swell job; take care of that voice!

I’m hoping to volunteer for the Long Island Regional, if not I’ll be at the NJ Regional.
Then I’ll be at the NYC Regional.
Hope to see some CD folks! :slight_smile:

I hate to crack down on your hopes, but I’d double check with the volunteer coordinator about the job description of “pit announcer.” As far as I’m am aware; roles such as play-by-play Announcer and MC are selected by Regional committees long ahead of time because such roles require a certain amount of training. In addition, Regional committees are really selective about who they put behind a microphone on the field - they prefer people they know, trust, and have experience (experience is becoming rare these days, but it’s funny they won’t train more people. They just spread the same amount of people thinner every year).

I’m an “on call” volunteer for Saturday of BAE, refereeing UTC, a safety advisor for Philadelphia, and working the FIRST Robotics Conferences in Atlanta.

Erin, don’t forget that you promised me your Segway for Championships. I will be there looking for you. I will also be announcing at Rochester, Pittsburgh, Detroit, Waterloo ant Greater Toronto Regional.

Pit announce is not the same as game announce. It is still a demanding job. Erin is right when she said that special training is required. If you listen to me announce then you should do the exact opposite. I blow my voice out at every event and am now paying the piper. I have had a sore throat for more than a year. If you were to be a Game Announcer then you would have received an email from Blair H with training suggestions.

Ok well I emailed the person that has been in contact with me…he said that I was pit announcer first and then sent me that description…I emailed him back for clarical purposes, and am awaiting a response…for those of you that DO announce, what do I have to do in order to do that? Ever since I started FIRST i’ve wanted to be behind the mic doing the play by play. I’ve done some announcing at off season competitions, but where do i go from there?


Follow this link http://www.chiefdelphi.com/forums/showthread.php?t=28424 to a thread that you started.

I was going to be primary scorekeeper at Lone Star, but due to our main mentor/coach moving to Abu Dahbi, I’ve been bumped up to coach at all our events. Nothing like GLR for your inaugural stint as a coach, lemme tell ya.

I plan to volunteer at LA and Nationals, but I haven’t gotten around to signing forms.

Thats not entirly true, Erin, acctually its wrong because according to an email sent to me last monday (feb 21) I will most likely be one of the emcee’s at the NJ Regional, and that i would be getting information about some web-based training for my postion

and this is from the FIRST VIMS website :

that was what i got when i clicked on the link about Master of Ceremonies

I just found out I would be able to go to BAE the other day, and thus didn’t sign up until then. I still haven’t gotten anything back, but I’ll be there on Saturday anyway.

I know that Karthik will be training for MC at Waterloo with Blair and then I believe that he will be MC in Toronto. It is true that there are limited MC’s out there. Don’t forget that MC and announcers carry the flow of the event. If you have bad on or the other then there can be problems. It takes a lot to keep things alive and well for 2 days. Check out Blair or Dave V if you want to see how hard these guys work. Mark L has to take breaks between matches because he is so intense. I once thought that the MC didn’t do much till I worked with them. Blair and Dave I know do a lot of prep work before even coming to an event.

For those that are just signing up. There is a new screening procedure that everyone must pass before they can volunteer. After you sign up on VIMS you will be contacted by an outside company for screening. ALL of your info, including references, must be filled in before you can be screened. You have to answer some questions and the references may or may not be contacted.

That is correct. I’ll be shadowing Blair in Waterloo, along with generally making sure the event is running smoothly. The following week, I’ll be making my regular season debut as an MC in Toronto. After learning from the best in Blair, I plan on making the Toronto regional a high energy, excitement filled event.

I’ll also be the lead tech inspector for Pittsburgh.

Hey steve,

seems like you and i will be working together at pittsburgh. I was announced as the Head Referee for the event!!

I’m volunteering at:
VCU - Field Set Up, Inspecting, Scorekeeping and VIP tours
Annapolis - Field Set Up, Reffing
Atlanta - Have not fully finalized travel plans so have not signed up yet.


UCF: Field setup on Wed

Safety Advisor Thur, Fri, Sat

Everyone at UCF better wear their safety glasses because i am coming after you!