Volunteers in the Brooklyn NY area??

It seems I’m taking the opposite approach as the rest of this forum, but team 806 in Brooklyn is in need of some assistance for the future. Our faculty moderator is leaving the school and our main engineer volunteer has a new baby, so if anybody knows any seasoned FIRST veterans or professionals who wouldn’t be opposed to joining up with a team for next season, could you point 'em in our our direction?

Advice about where/how else to solicit aid is also appreciated.

I can pass your request and information to the ConEd volunteering group.

They have a large engineering team of volunteers for NYC FIRST teams. They’ll try to match your school with several of their engineers. (And ConEd is a great sponsor of FIRST in NYC too).
PM or email me with details like contact names, team meeting schedules and hours for next Fall 2007, etc.

Polytechnic University maybe a good resource. NYC Technical College has a great machinist.
Several veteran teams (334, 354) in Brooklyn are also helpful and can be a good resource next season. Tell the teams to enjoy the summer and hit the ground running in September.

General ideas about mentor recruitment can be found in this presentation on recruiting and retaining mentors.