Voodoo Gyro Chips...

my team is somewhat new in the magical voodoo force of the “Gyro” we need programming help.

where does the gyro connect?
is it analog?
can i use stuff like (if in8 < 58 then drivefast)
do you know any links to helpful sites

we really want to use it and we need help ANY help would be appreciated

A good resource for info on gyro’s is the search page of the forums. :slight_smile:

I searched ‘gyro’ and came up with 27 threads with information about the gyro. Also check the white papers… theres a few in there about gyros.

thank you, i must say that this is the most resourcful site i have encountered regarding the competition. this site [moderator_edit]is really nifty[/moderator_edit]!:smiley:

we appreciate the kind words, but lets keep the profanity in the toilet, and not on the forums.