Vote for a Curiosity Rover LEGO Kit

So I saw this on Imgur…

Apparently with enough votes, LEGO will produce and sell a kit for this.

I love LEGO, so I voted for this little guy. I figured the people of CD and FIRST would too.

+1 vote. This is just awesome! I want this thing on my desk.

Or even better yet, a future FLL challenge.

Or at least a revamped version of the 2003 FLL game, Mission Mars.

+1. Awesome project, would make a great kit.

What would be even cooler would be if it were made from Technic and / or came with actual motors from Mindstorms!

For those more LEGO-literate than I, what would you expect the MSRP to be on this kit?

Depending on complexity it could be like 7471. I have that one myself, but I think the price was less back when I bought it at Target, circa 2007.

I agree. I like it and woudl get it for my little one. However, I would like to see it done with an NXT, motors, and gears to make it mobile.

Building Robots with Java Brains by Brian Bagnall has instructions to build it (in chapter 20)

Someone already built a Mindstorms one…

After reading about the process, it’s not quite that easy. First, it needs 10,000 votes by September 4th (right now it’s over 4000 short). After it reaches 10k, Lego will review the design for manufacturability and whether it fits their business strategy. If it passes the review, it might get manufactured. Lego says they have production capacity for one model a quarter. If more then one model passes review, they will make one, and the others will get put in a queue that may or may not be eventually made. Last quarter, 4 models had 10k votes. So far this quarter, no models have 10k, but Curiosity is currently 4th. Achieved its 10K goal. I hope it becomes a kit! I will definitely order this kit! Will be right next to the Falcon 9 Flying Rocket!

Wow, never thought I’d see CUUSOO on CD but hey, anything can happen. I have a couple projects on there :stuck_out_tongue: This one already has my support.