Vote for Me!

My final project for Web Design 2 is up for an award! Basically, we were required to create movie website for the kids in TV 4 (their final was to create a 20 minute movie). The cool part - VOTING IS PUBLIC!

Here’s my website:

It ONLY displays in Firefox right now - rawr IE & Javascript.
So for best results (or only results) check it out there.

My movie’s name is “Alex” so that’s the site you should be voting for. =)

(( one entry per email - so vote more than once if you have multiple emails !! ))

Voting only runs until 7:30pm tonight (Friday!), so PLEASE vote!

I voted twice, once for you and once for “Solitude”. Both are excellent!

I just wanted to let everyone know that Chad (my partner) & I won the People’s Choice Award by a vote of 4 to 1. We also won the Information Architecture Award for having the most innovative way of displaying our information. =)

Thanks to everyone who voted!

Also, the movie we designed for - Alex, won Best Picture and Best Cinematography.

It was an all-around evening of winners.

I voted for “Alex” and for “Life of Immigrants”.
The later website was just great.
I read the stories of the people there and it simply touched me.

Even tough I immigrated to another country, not the USA, the hardships and the feeling of building everything brick by brick is what I was going through, and still going through in Israel, the country where I was brought up to as a small child.

Anyways, great websites!


Really neat website. Does it actually send messages? Did you write it by hand in Java?
I voted three times!