Vote for Slingshot!

Vote for Slingshot!

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From the producer, Paul Lazarus:

Today, a short documentary entitled SlingShot went public as a semi-finalist in the Focus Forward Film Competition. It’s a 3-minute movie I produced about Dean Kamen and his work to alleviate the world’s safe water crisis. We’re very proud of this short intro to Dean’s incredible technology. People are able to see it on-line now and can vote for the video as an “audience favorite.” There were over a 1000 entries from six continents. We are hoping to be selected as one of the five finalists which get screened at Sundance this coming January.


Here’s a link to the video that you can vote on:

It would be incredible if we could get this video going viral throughout the entire FIRST community. I’m hoping every student, parent and mentor can share this video, vote and help us win the audience award. This would help us achieve our dream of spreading the word about Dean’s life-saving technology.
Every viewer of our SlingShot documentary can vote 10X PER DAY PER PERSON - EVERY DAY. Also, you can vote from all your computer devices except mobil phones and iPads.

So, please VOTE 10X and every day until Dec 20th.

We’re hoping to spread the word about Dean’s amazing SlingShot water purification technology and get clean water to the millions who need it.

Here is the corrected link:

Please vote!



I voted and I will spread the word on my team!

From Paul Lazarus.

"We just returned from the Sundance Film Festival where our short documentary, SLINGSHOT was screened as part of the Focus Forward Films competition. SLINGSHOT has been named a winner and received a large cash prize.

The short documentary focuses on inventor Dean Kamen and his extraordinary work to solve the world’s safe water crisis.

We are excited to move forward to produce the feature-length version of this story about Dean Kamen’s life-saving technology."