Vote for the new Spotlight Icon

Ok, a few people submitted icons to replace this guy ( ) as the spotlight icon.

Vote for your favorite.  You have a week to decide & vote.

Do 2-4 have transparent backgrounds as well or will they remain white?

I would remove the white, if they end up winning.

hey… I got an idea.
If number 2 dosn’t win, maybe you can use that for the Spell Check feature (that is coming soon?)?

Spell Check.

Funny you should mention that. I tried to install it yesterday on my lunch, and had issues. It works like a charm … but then doesn’t replace the old text with the current text. I probably missed a file when I installed it.

Anyway, I reverted the changes and was going to try to install it again last night, but I was swamped with nothingness and so it got put off. Maybe tonight…

When it does get added, it will be a html form button next to the preview & post buttons … so it won’t need a graphic.

Tough choice. It doesn’t help matters that none of them actually looks like a spotlight to me. What I see are a ring with a very large stone, the letters “SP” in very odd proportions, a yellow brick road, and a salt shaker.

I believe I will abstain. The existing chess pawn with earmuffs is no worse than the proposed replacements. :stuck_out_tongue:

Seriously, I have always had trouble figuring out what tiny colorful tilted-perspective icons were supposed to represent. It was months before someone explained to me that the jaundiced pig head in the system tray of my Windows 95 PC at work was intended to be a loudspeaker. That’s reasonable in retrospect – after all, it did control the speaker volume – but I could still never get away from seeing it as a pig head. As long as there’s some appropriate ALT text behind it, I could live with costume jewelry or a salt shaker as the “spotlight post” icon.

Not to be picky, but when will the Dot Folders be added for voting?

I think #1 would stand out (or been seen easiest) against the orange. … just a thought. :]

I voted for #1.

To me, it looks like it would blend the best with the overall color and design of the website.

Number 2 just doesn’t really represent “Spotlight” all that well, number 3 is too pixelated for my liking, and number 4 kinda looks like a salt shaker.

I also voted for #1 mainly because it looks just like one I tried to create, but did not submit.

I like #1, its really well done.

btw, I made #2:), I just felt like I should atleast try to do something for CD.

Yeah, me too. I was going for a #1 and #3 combo, but 20x15, or whatever isn’t alot of pixels to work with.

Soon, if ever.

I like #4, personally. (I made #3 in paint! If suddenly that’s all we have left, it works.)

I also voted for #1 since it’s the most realistic one and also because it has sort-off a 3D effect like the other icons on here. It basically looks like it “belongs” here.

This may be a dumb question but does this mean that every time you do an upgrade you have to redo some/all of the icons? If that’s the case I’'ll guess that you don’t look forward to an upgrade at times with all the extras that have to be added in (although once it’s done it’s well worth it! :slight_smile: ).

Images are pretty easy to upgrade …
the code and interface updates, those take time.

Congrats to maikull for submitting the winning icon. It’s in place, and fits in very well.