Vote: NYC Off-Season Competition - yay no nay

Hey All,

Year after Year currently 900+ teams build a robot to compete in at least 1 and at most 4 competitions yearly. After the main and final FIRST event teams then take their robots to nearby non-sanctioned FIRST events to have fun.

Many teams travel to either a nearby off season event or to an event with competitive teams, What if I was to tell you that maybe NYC can to have an off-season event that may have a lil of both with your help.

Event would take place before the end of june but after april
Event would cost probably in the estimated ranges of other fellow off-season comps (between $100 - $200 ; registration fees )
Event could hold up to 24 teams maybe 6 more if the selected venue is big enough.
Event could be located in an area where there’s an abundant amount of parking / food

What are your thoughts, comments and opinions.