Vote on Game Theme for 2021

Hello CD! Our team was designing our game for 2021 and was hoping to gauge general interest in our theme ideas.

  • Winter Wonderland
  • Western
  • Time Travel

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Thank you everyone!

I know I’ve personally always imagined a Western themed event. Gallery shooting anyone?

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This is tough. First, Western could be fun. Space Western even better. I would love to play a Firefly game (I am not really sure how that would work though).

But then I thought Winter Wonderland could be great. You could even have real ice and snow so by eliminations, it evolves into a water game. :slight_smile: If that is not your cup of hot cocoa, Robots on Skates. That would be cool. I guess in both instances field reset would be difficult though.


Maybe the Time Travel game can be based on the movie “Groundhog Day” so teams can keep trying to score until they get it right :wink:


Time travel gives you leeway for some really fun, funky scoring dynamics.


This could be the game for mid-match voluntary auton modes. Line up to a button, press it, and your robot is auto for 15 seconds. Can be run once per match, or not at all.

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Waaaay back we played a game called Lunacy. We had a “regolith” floor instead of carpet. Think whiteboard material. Slick wheels were required and we pulled a “trailer” around trying to dump meteors in trailers. Not too far off from a winter game if we called it ice and snowballs :grin:

I KNOW WHAT WE CAN DO!! A Time Travel back to the Western era during Winter!! :joy:


Water game?

Wasn’t there something about Zamboni in the game hint? Should have referred to Van de Graaff instead.

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There was. A reference to the Zamboni factory, which as I recall was (ironically?) In SoCal.

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We don’t know whether or not FIRST will be providing (a) desired theme(s) at kickoff, do we?

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