Vote on team 1094's New Web Design

This is an OPEN VOTE on the new website design. This means anyone in the world can vote on a design
(Please do not bribe others to vote for a certain design)

Please test all functions and browse each homepage before you cast your vote.

You may only vote 1 (one) time per IP Address.
1 computer = 1 vote
1000 computers = 1000 votes

The website URL to vote:


Voting will be closed NOVEMBER 8th 2012 at 6pm
I will then tell you the winner at the meeting that night.

Some advice:

Look into Responsive Web Design. I’m not sure what CSS frameworks you’re using right now, but Foundation is particularly awesome and makes it easy to have a responsive layout that scales from large displays all the way down to phones.

Subjectively, design #2 feels more “modern” and the lighter color scheme of text/content regions makes it easier to read.

Thanks I will look at that, I have been a having a hard time finding out how to do that.

Is the fact that the lightbulb and robot are on the far reaches of the screen a feature or a bug? I can’t determine whether or not that’s just my browser being weird.

no its supposed to be like that, if u hover over each of them u get menus

Honestly, they are a little distracting being so far to the sides of the webpage. I see why you would want the light bulb on the front page, but having it that far out causes me to lose focus on the center of the page. You could move the light bulb icon below ‘Follow Us’ to make it as visible as possible. For the Robot Icon, you could have a pull down menu for past robots or team history.

Personally, I find website 1 to be too dark. If you add some more white, it would look much better!

both websites are meant for a screen of 1024px wide. so it will show up far away on any screen that is over 1024px.

for website being to scary (sigh) it is only the prototype of what I have made. the newest one (of site #1) is now on v4.0 and that was v1.5 the new one has more white but not so much that it is overpowering