Vote to change the title graphic:

Heres what you can choose from (in no particular order)









  9. Brandon…make one yourself, you lazy bum.

I like three the best, seems the most professional.
Also numbers 3 6 and 7 are links they aren’t showing on the page like the rest

i like #1 and #3. i chose #1 as my final answer

They aren’t showing because they were attachments to the post … the others are hosted externally…

Oh, and by the way – the winner’s image will be put up May 28th, suppsedly the 1-year anniversary of the new forum system.

pick 1, pick 1!

i dunno about everyone else…but i like trial 3 by stevek posted in your contest thread

number three is hot


It that braille I see in the bottom of choice #3 ?? If so what does it say???

Any-who…I made my choice let’s see how it does,

By the way Brandon, when does the voting end???

Next week … tuesday I think.
The 23rd ish.

And yes, any braile readers out there… please translate it for us, so I don’t have to figure it out before I put it up there (if it wins)

Number one looks so freaking cool!!!

Look closely at all of the graphics. Number one is best because it will blend in perfectly with the top orange bar ont he site. It also just looks nice.

i voted for #3, but i really don’t think ya need to change it at all. BTW, it is braille, but i don’t think it says anything
i got something like…zshed. jzdw jm bsj
then again, i had to turn my head sideways even to figure that much.

yes…i agree with the two posts after this one, number 1 is the best


*Jnadke smacks himself…

I didn’t know there was a graphic competition! I woulda submitted one… Is it too late? What if I make a really good one?

Hi all, Just wanted to give you all a full HTML view of the two that seem to get the most votes.

1 & 3
I think their both great, but if Sunny’s voting for his I’m voting for mine!!! (You dont think Bush voted for Gore do ya!)

Good luck to everyone (sorry I dont have time to put them all in this format - these seem to get the most looks so I thought it might help the decissions. And it is best to see these in the proper environment before you choose).


PS: The dots are suposed to represent braile but I didnt take the time to download the font. If this is chosen, I will maybe translate the team name or something (If I’m given the chance to do that) Some one can start a poll on what it should say if they really care. But I suggest not doing that till we know if it even matters. Sunny’s design is nice too!

*Originally posted by stevek *
Hi all, Just wanted to give you all a full HTML view of the two that seem to get the most votes.

I was gonna do that… but ya beat me :slight_smile: hehe

nice work

the more i think about it the more i think u should keep the site the way it is…the navigation is perfect…theres no need to replace the old one…im the webmaster for my site and the navigtation hasnt changed since i started workin on it but thats because i like it so much and it works

i previously voted for three b/c i think it looks the best next to keeping this look…thats just my 2 cents :slight_smile:

One! One! One! One! One! One! One! One! One! One! One!

That’s so cool and needs to be upthere!

PurpleHaze: The site Naviagtion isnt changing just the logo. That wont affect anything except the look!


Only the logo will change for now.

Once vBulletin 3.0 comes out in a few months, though – the navigation will be the last thing on your mind regarding any changes to the site… :slight_smile: