Pass, Throw, Score or Catch

Which is more important for the 2014 Challenge?

An Einstein robot will be able to do all of them.

Generally speaking, you’ll get a better response if you give folks some source material to work with. What do YOU think is the most important, and why?

I think that passing is the most important part of this years game. Last year, it was possible to win games without working with your team(a.k.a. cross court shooters), so FIRST was looking for a way to increase teamwork among alliances. I thing that the passing mechanic was the way they choose to combat the problem. If you can’t pass, there is no way you could ever be on an alliance in the finals, as you need to be a team player. To get full points, you need one robot to shoot, one robot to pass over the truss, one robot to collect the ball, and every robot to pass. Because of this, if you are able to pass, you are still useful as an alliance member.

While you can’t win games on passing alone, it’s still the most important aspect of the game. This year, you need to be a team player, and if you can’t do that, you aren’t a useful team member.

Hope this long post helped.


catching is of no use if you can’t toss. You’ll only have a stuck ball and that might cause the game to go a little awry!

Perhaps this would work better as a poll.