How do we vote on videos? I know it probably won’t be up until tomorrow or something but when the time comes how is it done? This is my first year as captain so I’m a little clueless…

For what videos???:confused:

The Regional 3d animation videos. Like how championship is judged by judges, apparently the teams at each regional vote for the winners there??

Ok this is how the regional goes:

With the person who registered the video and submitted it should be emailed with a link to the vote page.
Each team gets one vote and that vote is allocated to the person that submitted it.
If your mentor submitted it then you should probably talk to them. But just a heads up I havent gotten that email yet. Im assuming they will send it out later.

Just curious, how many teams at your regionals submit an entry? Last year at U.S. First - BAE Granite State Regionals, there were 5 entries. Am thinking of reaching out to peers at regionals to increase participation level.

I will definitely be doing the voting for our team; I was the one who sumbitted the video.

Hi -

This news is being posted and sent out tomorrow, but i thought since you asked, i’d give you a preview!

Regional Judging for the 2011 Autodesk Award for Excellence in 3D Animation begins this Friday, February 18thThe 2011 Autodesk Award for Excellence in 3D Animation competition will be open for peer judging after 12pm EST on Friday, February 18th . This year, over 160 teams submitted entries to for the “Change Their World” challenge featuring our Autodesk “iiko” character, and we couldn’t be more pleased with the results. Now we need you to cast your vote and tell who should win in your respective regional competition. This year, we are inviting ALL FIRST teams to vote in for the winner in their regionals, not just teams who entered the 3D Animation contest.

So please, spread the word, and let your FIRST friends and mentors know that every team vote counts this year! Click here (only after 12pm on Feb 18th) to vote for your favorite:


Jennifer Goldfinch
Marketing Manager, Media & Entertainment
Autodesk Education
[email protected]

And I should point out, it’s ONE vote per team!


Jennifer Goldfinch
Marketing Manager, Media & Entertainment
Autodesk Education
[email protected]

Hi Jen,
Just to clarify, is that one vote per team per regional? In other words, our animation is, of course, only entered in one regional but our robotics team is competing in two regionals. I know that we cannot vote for our own work but can we vote in every regional in which we are registered or do we have to select one? Thanks!

Let’s all thank Jennifer for being so helpful when we had upload problems and for showing up on Chief Delphi. It’s good to see Autodesk reaching out to the community. Yay Jennifer!


Thanks DaveC, but i should have been on here earlier this week! Next year i’ll be available much earlier.

For the regional voting process this year, as we are opening it up to ALL FIRST teams and not just teams with 3D Animation submissions, this is how it works:

One team can be associated with one region. You may vote for your own entry within that region (new this year!), but your team may only vote for one animation within the region which you are registered.

So to answer the question more directly, teams are allowed to vote once within the regional for which their animation was entered.

Let me know if you have any additional questions!!


To touch on the region, I have been selected to submit the entry and put up the team’s vote. I’m not sure if our team (562) has been set up correctly. How would we tell what regional our animation is set for?

Hi -

When the page is live, you will have to sign in using your team name and number, which will match the list of teams and regionals that we have.

Once you log on, the site will ONLY show the entries for your regionals.

If you think your team is associated with the wrong regional, let me know, either with my email that’s in my signature, or email the team at [email protected]

I have the regional that your team is linked to, so i can verify pretty quickly.


Alright. Thanks for the speedy reply. Good to know Autodesk is on top of this one.

Peer judging is now open for the FIRST regionals for the Autodesk 3D Animation Competition at

PLEASE NOTE: we still expect to add a few more videos by Monday, February 21st for several regionals*. Please check back to cast your final vote by that date, in the meantime, please enjoy the entries for the Autodesk Award for Excellence in 3D Animation!

**we will list the regional name here as their videos get added: *

When we try to register we keep getting an error in the team number… what do we use?
We tried FRC1983 and 1983

What should we use for team number or team ID?


Please try again, it should be fine now.

Just in case this info helps anyone else. We kept receiving an “error” page when submitting the form that registers our team to vote. Our team name, like many team names, includes the “/” character. When I removed this character and shortened our team name, the registration worked. I suspect that either our team name was too long or the “/” character was causing problems.

Anyway, it worked for us.


Just an FYI for anyone that happens to go to the Philadelphia Regional voting page. Team 1517 did NOT post a YouTube music video about drive-by shooting truckers. :eek:

We posted an animation about iikos and coconuts. Slight difference there. :smiley:

Anyway, we’re sure Autodesk is on the situation and we thank them in advance.

hi -

The YouTube video is gone. We have NO idea what happened there, it’s very bizarre.

Team registration issues - the mechanism that was in place had a minor hiccup, it’s either in the process of being fixed, or its fixed now.

We appreciate your patience with us this year as we strive to continually improve the processes around the 3D Animation Award. it will get better, i promise! :slight_smile:

And thank you so much for your passion and enthusiasm about animation, I am so impressed with what i have seen so far with the entries!