Did you know that if you will be 18 by the next general election that you could register to vote? If you arn’t, you can pick up the from at your local DMV, Post Office or library.
If you are elegible to register and havn’t, why not?
You can make a difference.
I should say that I am a
Take a look.

i need to register at school. i haven’t had time to do it yet

i registered today!!!:smiley:

First thing I did upon moving was change my registration over from Massachusetts… it’s rather intersting being a “bleeding heart, tree hugging” liberal in Republican land :wink: Got too used to Massachusetts!

im a democrat but i cant vote yet. i would brobly be on the more liberal side. Where i live in CT is the only republican County, and boy doo those republicans bother me.

How do us Republicans bother you? I’m a Republican, but I’m more of an issue person who’s views and ideals fall more in line with a conservative way of thinking.

BTW, not old enough to vote yet.

me either, but the republicans around here are verry rude too people who arent, and look down on us like we are below them. Im not saying u but i am saying around hear, sry dude

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**I am a
Take a look. **

Every person’s political choice is his own business, but a libertarian government would never fund the FIRST team you’re on.

While I do agree with Libertarians that government subsidies of corporations are a bad way to spend taxpayer dollars, I think that an active, involved, regulatory government is preferable over the laissez-faire capitalism that they espouse.