I know they changed the way we are voting this year, I think they are making us like download them all i think and then watch them all and vote from a computer. While i still liked the take time out of competitions and vote in a room playing the animation was good, it was sometimnes hard to find the room to vote in. I was just curious though if anyone knew when we start voting, i know there is supposed to be an e-mail sent out to everyone to the e-mail address put on the animation submission form but we havent received that yet, and I am leaving for India tonight to film a documentary. So i will check this post later maybe someone can help otherwise check out our animation on the buzzsaw client. team 302 we are in the great lakes regional so you can view it there tell me what you think. Our website is down too so i would send you an link there to it but its not up yet Thanks you guys


The email is supposed to be sent to the teacher that was in the paperwork. This new voting systems seems to allow for teams to vote for their own entry. Can we vote for our own entry? How are some teams doing this.

According to the latest FIRST email blast:

“Online voting will begin approximately February 27.”

I put the mail blast over here

This was sent from Autodesk. The student judges will have to download all the animations at each Regional Competition they’re registered. That’s a lot of big files! Plus playback probably won’t be real time on a 150-250 Mb file so I recommend burning them to a DVD for viewing, if possible.

Autodesk is still programming the online voting website; it’s a very complex project but the anticipated completion date is Tuesday, February 28. Emails will be sent out to the teacher contact with the URL and a unique log-in for each team, as soon as the site is ready.

Message to teams attending the Week One regional events:

We apologize that your team will only have 1-2 days to cast your votes; however the options were to move the animation due dates up by two weeks or cancel the regional peer judging aspect of the competition.

What you should be doing now:

  • Go to Autodesk Streamline

  • Review all animations for the regional(s) your team was registered to attend as of January 17; Autodesk was able to update a few of the changes made after that date but not all of them due to time constraints.

  • The animation team should review the animations and decide on scores for each animation. (Note: you cannot vote for your own animation.)

  • Animations should be judged using the criteria found in the Autodesk Visualization Award criteria. The three areas are:

    • Concept (maximum score: 35 points)
    • Creativity (maximum score: 35 points)
    • Technical (maximum score: 30 points)

Details on these categories can also be found on Autodesk Streamline under the “Awards” section.

  • Please remember your gracious professionalism; score fairly!
    When the emails go out next week, your team will receive the URL of the voting website and a unique log-in just for your team. You may access the voting website as many times as you like; however, once you enter your scores and hit “submit” you will not be allowed back into the site. Your vote will be considered final.

Regional Event Update:

Autodesk is producing DVD’s of the animations submitted via Streamline. Due to time constraints each regional event will only have a DVD containing animations submitted for that regional event. They will be shown in the Autodesk booth along with both Inventor and Visualization submissions from 2005. All 2006 animations will be shown in the Autodesk booth at the Championship Event.

**Important Note: ** If possible please bring your animation on a DVD to your regional event. FIRST would like to show the winning animation during the awards ceremony. Please turn in your DVD to FIRST personnel to Pit Admin. Please make sure your DVD is clearly labeled with your team number!

Thank you to all the teams that submitted an entry this year; please remember that the professional judges will be reviewing all entries this year so there are more ways to win than last year!

Any questions can be sent to Kelly Stanphill at Autodesk via email: [email protected]. Please include your team number in the subject line.

Go teams!


I’ve never attended a peer judging event before, so I’m not sure how to really score some of these. I want to be fair, but I don’t want to put our team at a disadvantage. For those veterans who have done this before, do you have any pointers for the rest of us?

Thanks, and good luck :slight_smile:

this kind of sucks because i have to download like 2 gigs of stuff

Just so everyone knows, you should have recieved the information on voting (password and the website) yesterday. We received ours after school and we are planning on voting today. Call FIRST if you dont recive everything. Oh by the way, this is in reference to the Trenton Regional and any others that are taking place this weekend.

This just in.

FIRST EMAIL/Important Autodesk Visualization Award – Online Voting Update

Greetings Teams:

Please read the following from Autodesk:

Autodesk has just sent out the first batch of emails containing the URL and unique team password to the online voting website. Emails were sent from [email protected] so please instruct your teachers to look for this email. Only teams participating in the Week One regional events have received this email. Autodesk is not responsible for incorrect email addresses provided on entry forms, or bounced back emails.

Just a reminder that only teams that submitted an animation this year are eligible to vote. You may have received the email in error if you submitted paperwork but were unable to submit an animation or if your animation was pulled out of competition by your team. Please do not vote if any one of these scenarios applies to your team.

Please try to submit your scores no later than Thursday, March 2 at 1:00 p.m. Pacific Time. Scores submitted after that time may not be counted. We apologize to the teams attending the Week One regional events for this very short voting timeframe.

Questions relating to award may be sent to Kelly Stanphill at [email=“[email protected]”][email protected][/email]

Thank you for your patience and good luck at the regional events!


Tomorrow by 1 pm? that’s crazy… I haven’t even recieved the forwarded email yet. :ahh: Does anyone know how voting affects chances of winning? :slight_smile:

This is sheer insanity! I understand that they want the scores for the first regionals, but requiring everyone to download ALL the videos for their regional, VIEW all of them and then VOTE, all before 1 pm Thursday? I’m sorry, but this seems a tad unreasonable. Even with Cable, it’s taken me well over 4 minutes per video to download. Most students will be in school at that point, which means they’d probably have to do the ALL their voting TONIGHT. While the online voting is a good idea, I DON’T think it’s fair to expect this to be enough time to vote.

It’s ok people, don’t freak out and breath.

If you read past the March 2nd, due date it says…

“We apologize to the teams attending the Week One regional events for this very short voting timeframe.”

Its also says at the beginning, “Only teams participating in the Week One reginal events have recieved this email. [”

That means if you are participating in Week one regionals then the scores are due March 2nd, if you are not then wait for the email with the log on and password.

Next time please read the entire email before freaking out. :D](")

Interesting, because I recieved this email and we’re not competing until Week 3…

yea i know that it seems like there isnt enough time for anything anymore, they shortened the due date for the animation, It was so hard trying to get it finished on time not to mention we test rendered it and it took 2 days to render so we had to adjust some materials and lighting but it still came out fine. but anyways I liked how we voted last year, it gave us a chance to meet people jus tlike ourselves and talk about the animations, plus you could hide your team number so you could hear when people said COOL or how did they do that or whatever. but this way all we get to do is download them all, and since our high school puts a memory restriction on our computers we can only download one video from anywhere before we run out of virtual memory, I hate our schools computers. We bring our personal computers in because they are faster ha. Well thats my input on the voting even though i started this thread ha. Thanks you guys for updating this so much it really helped me and everyone else along with the voting procedures,