VOTY Koko Ed


Congratulations to the hardest working volunteer in FIRST Koko Ed Patterson for winning Volunteer of the Year in Houston!!!


Indeed. Very well deserved. Congrats to everyone’s favorite volunteer, Koko Ed Patterson!


Congrats Ed! I hope you enjoy the rest of Houston and we’ll see your team next week in Carson and you wherever you’re volunteering in Detroit!


Well…it’s about time!!! Long overdue. Congrats Ed it couldn’t have gone to anyone more deserving. Thanks for all you do. It’s always a pleasure when you visit us here in the mitten state!


Did they cite 23,427 posts on Chief Delphi?

Let’s see… at ten minutes per post that’s, um…

no, this can’t be right… 162 days of continuous 24/7 posting?

And that’s just what he’s done when he’s not actually volunteering at an event, organizing events, helping teams and… oh my goodness. The HOURS… the DAYS…

Truly, truly well earned!



Way to go, Ed! So well deserved.

Congratulations! :smiley:


Ed - so we’ll deserved! You are an inspiration to us all!!



I had the pleasure of becoming close friends with Ed a couple of years ago. His dedication to this program is genuinely unrivaled by anyone I’ve ever met. This is so well deserved and I cannot wait for the opportunity to congratulate him in person.

Koko Ed, THANK YOU FOR EVERYTHING! Congratulations!


Congratulations Ed from everyone over here at 271! I promise we’ll try and be more on time to queue xD!


Congratulations Ed! Well deserved


Congrats! Koko Ed, always fun having you around and well deserved!


Long overdue for this recognition! Congrats Koko Ed!


Can anyone count the events Ed has worked? Volunteer of the Decade?!::rtm::

Yes, I think so.:cool: Congratulations, Ed! This recognition was earned by perseverance and tireless work.


Congratulations Ed! You’re such an inspiration to everyone!


Congrats Ed!! Thank you for all you do for teams all over FIRST!!


Congrats Ed! There are few others who are as dedicated as you sir. I really appreciate how personable you are to everyone you work with and speak too.



Distance never seems to be an issue for Koko. Always a face of relief and person of confidence at events!


Much deserved, Koko Ed! Thank you for all you do for FIRST!!


What the heck, how did I miss this at the event. That is very cool and very well deserved.


Congrats Ed! Nobody more dedicated or deserving!