VOTY Koko Ed


Congratulations Koko Ed! Glad to see you win this after your adventures across the land of FRC!


Congratulations, Ed! Well deserved.


I’m on Tesla.


Thank you for the accolades! I am very humbled and proud of receiving this honor and I hope to continue to prove to be worthy of it.


Congratulations, again, Koko Ed! I’m so happy to have always worked with you throughout the years, starting my freshman year on the Ruckus planning committee. Reuniting with you again at Finger Lakes was so refreshing, and I look forward to another great regional next year.

In the mean time, please continue to share your AWESOME hugs!


Congratulations Ed! This award is long overdue for you! The countless time and effort you put into this program is amazing! Thank you for all your years of volunteering at FIRST events all over, supporting FIRST in Upstate NY, and being a member of the Rah Cha Cha Ruckus Committee! It isn’t Ruckus without a t shirt design by you!

Thank you!


Congrats Ed ! Very well deserved award!

Have you reached a record travel miles this year ?