Voucher Trade

My team has a few vouchers we don’t use (shipping to Israel is expensive…)
We would like to trade them for 50$ Digi-Key Electronics Voucher()
The vouchers we don’t use are:
Automation Direct 35$
Clippard 20$
Robopromo.com FIRST logo set Voucher (8 logos)
Next Gen Robots LLC Voucher for one CIM Cooler 180
TE Connectivity $25 Voucher for use with Sample Program
Vulcan Voucher for Six Springs

Any offer for trade will be accepted (ie. Automation direct+TE +Roboprom for Digikey)

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We’ll trade you our digikey voucher for your automation direct voucher. Sending pm.

I have no idea if this happening because of the BOM changes but if it is, that’s pretty brilliant.


Knowing international shipping, I’m going to take them at face value when they say

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@marshall which BOM changes are you referring to?

If automation direct hasn’t been taken yet, we’ll trade it for our Digi-Key.

PM me, we’re in exactly the same situation. Will trade same list as OP for digi-key vouchers.
We can’t actually use the Automation Direct voucher even if we wanted to. Forced to use the regional distributor which is a totally separate company called Direct Automation… and of course they don’t recognize the voucher.
Shipping costs? We got them! How about $175 shipping for a 200 first choice credit order?