VP CIM adapter in Philly/NJ area


Team 316 is in need of a Versaplanetary CIM adapter kit. If anyone in the Philly, DE, NJ has a spare that we could buy please let me know. If possible I would like to pick it up before Saturday.



Do you need just the housing? Should be a pretty quick thing to print if you don’t have it on hand.


I’ll take a look in our shop when I get there, but I think we only have dual input adapters.

Let me know if you would like one of them.


That’s not a bad idea. I’ll modify it for our printer and give it a shot. Thanks Akash


Phil, thanks for checking. We do have a few dual inputs and will probably resort to that if printing the piece ends up in shambles


Alternatively, you could just cut the shaft on the CIM. It would prevent you from reusing the motor is future years (based on the current rules) but it takes up a bit less space.


You already need to cut the CIM shaft to use the VP CIM Adapter.

It definitely should be a printable part though, at least for now while you’re testing stuff.


I was under the impression that this was still possible with the V2, and using the CIM adapter with the original input housing was to remove the need to cut the motor shaft. I may be mistaken with the V2 product line update.


I haven’t tried it, but I believe the issue with doing this mod using the V2 is that the screws holding the VP together now have their heads sticking out the back side, where they would interfere with flush mounting a CIM.


1712 has 1 or 2 we could spare, but we won’t be meeting again until Saturday. Let us know if the 3d printing method doesn’t work out for you.