VP Integrated Encoder Not Assembling

Hi, we’re trying to assemble our VP Integrated Encoder however, the plastic housing that goes on top doesn’t fully rest on the encoder. We tried applying force however, the plastic housing keeps coming out.



What this picture tells me:

  1. The PCB is in
  2. The encoder cover is on
  3. The coupler is in
  4. Standoffs are in

What the picture doesn’t tell me:

  1. the top cover situation that you’re having

Since I can’t really tell what’s going on in the picture, all I can say is reread the instructions.

The problem occurs when we try to put the other side of the encoder on, the encode cover doesn’t go in any further so the entire kit can’t close.

Well then let’s get some pictures of the top cover not going on. What do you think is in the way of the case from closing?

I’ve had to modify the plastic cover (melt it with a soldering iron) to make it fit for our CANCoders. Perhaps the electronics for all CANCoders/Mag Encoders were changed slightly?

Do you have a picture of how you did it by any chance? I’d like to see it before I attempt something like that.

Here’s a side by side of an unmodified vs modified backing. We just got rid of the plastic bar at the top:

Ours have always had a slight bulge, even after assembling with other slices. I just chalked it up to poor quality/tolerance mold and we never had any issues with them.

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