VPro Live Axle 1 Colson 0 Turn Down Your Hubs

So the 6" colson handles VPro Dead axles just fine. Live ones out of the box? Well that would require and extension handle on your press and pulling your back or throwing them in the lathe. Otherwise its a long for the Colson.

Strange, we didn’t run into this issue in 2014 with any of the 8 6" Colsons we pressed live hubs into (using a hydraulic press) They’re designed to be an interference fit to ensure they don’t slip.

We used these hubs and wheels last year, and had no problems also.
Correction: Our wheels were 6"x1.5". Maybe the 2" wheels are different somehow.

Were you supporting the hub of the colson close to the center when pressing? or farther out at the tread? If the latter, I wouldn’t be surprised that you cracked them.

You reminded me, we used the 6x1.5 as well.

According to the product data on robotmarketplace.com, they should have the same bore though. Strange.

If you go to Other Documentation > Assembly Instructions, it pulls up a datasheet from VexPro with the following:

[quote=]Note: The Colson Live Hub is designed to be pressed into the bore of Colson Performa Wheel. There is a
.0125” interference fit between the hub and bore of the Colson Wheel. This will require an arbor press or
large vise to assemble. It is NOT recommended to hammer the hub into the bore, as this can lead to damage
and misalignment between the hub and wheel.[/quote]

You’d think they’d make that info readily accessible though…