VR viewer/camera - SANDSTORM

If a team successfully gets to connect their robot cameras into a VR headset, are they legally allowed to use it during the Sandstorm?

I think it legal but u need to make sure that all transmission to the robot goes through the official frc wireless connector but other than that you should be golden. I have a vr headset as well and was thinking about the same thing coincidentally.

While I cant cite anything specific offhand, not being able to see the Refs/any dangers around you, not to mention you are basically tethering yourself (aka cant escape if something happens) im fairly sure its a large safety risk and wouldnt be allowed.

One of our team members did some calculation on this, it’s almost impossible to transfer data through the allocated FRC ports for VR at a worthwhile resolution considering their bandwidth limits (and most likely even worse IRL performance).

Even if you did, I don’t see how it’s worth the effort.