VRC World Championship In Dallas Texas

Hello Everyone, I am wondering if you are going to Dallas for the world championship. How did you qualify, Was it by Drivers CHallenge, AUtonomous challenge, Excellence Award or Winning Alliance and which regional was it from.

Also if you won drivers challenge (what was your score). If you have won autonomous(WHat was your Score). If you were on the winning alliance if you won 2 games straight or was it played to a third match.

Thanks for This information in advance.

Also i would like to give some more details of the event like the Schedule Agenda

Sounds like someone is doing pre-scouting. You go first!

Alright. The team i am on is team 478 mustang robotics.

We competed in 2 regional, the Toronto Championship and The Southwestern Ontario Championship.

In The Toronto Championships we were:

Finalists: with 1503, 188b.
We lost to: 1114a, 188a, 211b
We also won the:
2nd place robots skills with 16,
Innovate award
Sportsmanship award

In the southern Ontario Championship

we were finalists again: with an alliance of 1114b,1114c
We lost to: 1114a,211a,1019
We also won the
1st place drivers skills with a score of 56, 211a came second with 54
Build Award

That is the summary of team 478

What about you

Fair enough. I mentor five VRC teams, four of which are going to Worlds, so this will take a minute.

417 - won the Programming Skills Challenge (PSC) in Washington with a 14.

418 - won the Robot Skills Challenge (RSC) in Washington with a 50 (and 49), won the Washington tournament in three matches (with 419 and 1116d), won the Amaze award in Washington

419 - won the Washington tournament in three matches (with 418 and 1116d)

575 - won the Excellence award at Vancouver Gladstone, won the PSC at Gladstone (14), was in the finals at Gladstone and at Washington. Did not enter the PSC at Washington. Has also won both the Support and Sportsmanship Awards.

254 has qualified three robots (254A, 254B, 254E).

Tempest in Tampa: Champions (14-0)
Pan-Pacific Championships: Quarterfinalists, Programming Skills 2nd Place
Bellarmine: Finalists

Bellarmine: Quarterfinalists, Programming Skills 2nd Place, Robot Skills 2nd Place
Siatech: Semifinalists
San Ramon: Finalists, Robot Skills 1st Place

Bellarmine: Quarterfinalists
Siatech: Semifinalists
San Ramon: Semifinalists, Robot Skills 2nd Place

Bellarmine: Semifinalists
Siatech: Champions

Siatech: Quarterfinalists
San Ramon: Quarterfinalists